Room showing furniture

Furniture Repair, Refinishing & Touch Up in the Greater Cleveland Area

  • Complete furniture refinishing
  • Kitchen cabinet refinishing
  • On site repair and touch up
  • Fire & water disaster recovery
  • Moving damage claims
  • All other insurance claims

I first established Rick's Furniture Fix in 1996 in Las Vegas, NV. At that time I was involved in mostly furniture repair and refinishing. I soon realized that there was a great demand for touch up work. I began taking work orders from several different retail furniture stores and over the years have developed some very effective methods for repairing damages on pieces that most stores were accustomed to exchanging, saving them a lot of time and money.

Having now relocated back to the Cleveland area, I look forward to serving this area's market in the same way, as well as continuing to offer refinishing services to the general public.

~ Rick Jenks ~